Our team at PEMB-USA is dedicated to being with you from the conception to the completion of your project. We pride ourselves on providing you with a great experience with impeccable service and a high-quality product. We strive to ensure that you are kept informed throughout the entire process. We work to be as efficient as possible in every part of the project.

Building Conception

Your concept. Our execution.

When you choose to partner with us, you are more than your building. We prioritize creating a lasting relationship with you and your team, which is critical for our successful manufacture of your project. Our priority is to understand your vision completely in order to work alongside you in bringing it to life. It isn’t unusual for us to check in with you even after your project has been completed. We love to share in and support your success. PEMB-USA will be there for you if anything else is needed, even after the completion of the project.

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Code & Safety Requirements

We have you covered.

We work diligently to understand and implement all code and safety requirements into your project from the start, from the local regulations to your specific project mandates. This allows us to provide you with a sound building while meeting your needs to fulfill the purpose of your project.

Configuring Pricing

Accurate pricing first.

The first quote you receive from PEMB-USA will be as close to the final cost as possible. We do not add on surprise charges or fees, nor try to sell you nonessential items or features. We take the time to understand what you want and need, gathering every detail for the most accurate price. We are very diligent at this stage, spending this necessary time at the beginning of the project, which saves weeks on completion.

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Drafting & Engineering

You dream it. We’ll draw it.

The metal building industry has come a long way from 2D paper blueprints. PEMB-USA works with Tekla, a program that allows our engineers to create a virtual, 3D version of your building. In Tekla, they are able to expand your building to see every connection, from bolts to ductwork, and ensure that everything needed for your project is there. It is also possible to customize your building by incorporating other materials, such as wood, stone, or sheetrock, by working with other industries. Trust our team to bring your project to life.

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Ordering Materials

Securing top-quality steel.

All PEMB-USA products originate from our trusted and highly regarded vendors. Along with obtaining raw steel for our fabrication plant, we also secure an abundance of pre-engineered metal components that can be fully customized and implemented into your project. PEMB-USA makes every effort to use USA-sourced metal.

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The Fabrication Shop

Customize and assemble.

Our very own fabrication shop in southeast Georgia cuts, welds, drills, grinds, sands, paints, and customizes the raw steel used in our projects. We utilize top-quality primers and paints, allowing you to customize your components in a vast array of different colors and finishes, as well as panels, shapes, and styles. We can also incorporate other building materials, such as wood, brick, concrete, and much more to match your aesthetics and style preferences.

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Quality Checks

We don't miss a beat.

Quality control is a vital part of the PEMB-USA process. It happens all through the life of your project, starting at the very beginning. Every component is immediately inspected once our warehouse has received it, noting any bends, chips, scratches, or any other defects so that they can be corrected. Your order list is double-checked to make sure everything you ordered is accounted for. Photographs and data tracking are integral parts of our quality control process, enabling us to take note of every piece of your project at every step.

Delivery Process

Quick and reliable transport.

Once we have your desired shipping date, we reach out to our transportation partners to assess the exact needs to transport your project. Once we have the needed specifications and regulations, our loading team builds out your load, making sure that it is carefully loaded and all pieces are well-supported and braced. We do everything in our power to meet your desired delivery date and we take pride in being able to fulfill that promise.

Erection of your building

Let's get to business.

We maintain communication with your contractor and erector to guarantee quality and timeliness. You can expect us to assist you through the entire life of your project with updates on progress and plans. At PEMB-USA, we work to maintain close relationships with those we have worked for. We check in with our past clients, just as we do our with our current ones, to follow up on satisfaction and establish long-lasting partnerships. We are excited to come alongside you in realizing your vision! Are you ready to get started?

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